Musictray is a new ecosystem for music

Bitcoin brought a secure and effective means to “pay” someone else without the need for a third party. Musictray uses the same technology except it's a secure way to "share" with someone else and it does this all without piracy or the need for a record company.

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Musictray represents a new vision for music on the internet. Developers use Musictray™ Tools to build apps. Artists use Musictray CMS to manage their content. The Audience use Musictray powered apps to support the people that make the music they love. All this without giving up control and without piracy.

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Cryptographic Security + Ephemerality + Semantic AI + Ease of Use

Unmatched Security

Secure and control your content using block-chain cryptography. The same kind of technology that Bitcoin uses.

Transparent Technology

The technology is easy to use. In fact it's so transparent your audience wont even notice the difference.


Reach your audience where they want the content; on their phones. Musictray Appliances are native on iOS & Android.

Ephemeral Control

Content Creators control who, where, when and how their content is used. Content is erased after use. 

News & Views

Latest thoughts + musings from the team.

October 2014
Change the model. Change the world

Musictray is built on a fundamentally different system of operating a computer. It begins with a semantic file system which emerges from a unified semantic model.

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November 2014
You are a Microworker you just don't know it yet. 

Computing today is driven largely in part by the needs of the Open Data Economy. This economy evolved from the unique peculiarities of the hierarchical file system.

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Share your content without
giving up control

CloudMoDe technology is a new way to store data, access it, search it, move it around and keep it safe. And all this without giving up control.

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