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Musictray™ is a new eco-system for original music.
The Eco System

Artists (copyright holders) use Musictray Publisher to upload their content to the Musictray™ Cloud.

Developers use tools to create apps (appliances) that access this content under a creative commons style agreement, royalty free.

Audiences use appliances (apps) to find and listen to the kind of content they want.

Artists through the use of our patent-pending UsePolicy maintain control over who, where and for how long the audience can listen.

note...Our keynote address will be posted in jan 2015 until then check our ad concept as it develops.


We have big ideas

Our Products

Making the impossible possible. That's what we do.
Mt Publish

Upload your content once. Control it everywhere. All from a single point of control.

Mt Play

Access your content anywhere. Share it where users want it most; on their phone.

Mt Cloud

Store your content on a new kind of network with full spectrum control and native ephemerality.

MT Code

Develop ground breaking mobile apps with a BAAS that includes content and users.

Why Musictray™

Instant global publishing, reduce piracy, you don't need a record company and you make 10x what you would with royalities.
... nuff said
M. Katherine Anton
The music industry has 2 indensibile parties: the artist and the fan. Technology was supposed to bring them together instead it drove them apart. This reconnects artist and fan, and restores scarcity to the market.
Peter Jenson Haxel
Patent Attorney
Like email was for the internet. Like the browser and the social network was for the Web. This is the next killer app for the bitcoin blockchain revolution.
Michael McFall

Musictray 2.0

The Musictray™ Network has been powering apps for over two years now. Musictary is not only innovative under the hood but it is also beautiful. Here is  a sneak peak over our upcoming release Musictray 2.0


Get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.
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