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musicTray™ is a cloud that powers mobile apps. This is a whole new direction for music on the internet. This is different from the ground up.

We are not talking about disrupting the status quo. We are talking about making the current model obsolete.

What if, I told you
that as an artist:

You could share your music without worrying about piracy.
You could find your audience from the palm of your hand.
You could make a living with your music without having to sell your soul to the record label.
You could make it in the music business on the merit of talent alone.
This is what musictray™ makes possible; because every voice matters.

What if, I told you,
as a fan:

You could really support your favorite artist and not the big corporation you buy your music from now.
There was a place with real equity in the music business, where the artists got paid for their art and made it on the merit of their work.
You could find music from people like you rather than some “algorithm”.
This is what musictray™ makes possible; because every voice matters.

What if, I told you,
as an industry:

It is actually better this way. You don’t have to spend billions on artist development.
You could find out if a song is good or not, which is 40% of your costs.
You could find more product and invest where you make the most return, promotion.
This is what musictray™ makes possible; because every voice matters.

What if, I told you,
as a developer:

You could develop apps for multiple platforms in one third of the time.
You could get content for your app without having to come up with millions of dollars in advance for licensing fees.
This is what musictray™ makes possible; because every voice matters.

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MusicTray™ is a CloudMo.De Company.MusicTray™ is a complete mobile app development platform that focuses on creating unique & engaging apps on any platform. We take care of everything else your app needs, from the core of your app to content and users. Instantly add a powerful core, content, and users to your app. With native SDKs for Android, iOS, and more coming soon, Musictray has an SDK for everyone, whether you’re creating a mobile app. The musicTray cloud is powered by a patent-pending sharing technology that allows musicians to share their music without giving up control over it. The Technology moves beyond the previous tools and sets new paradigms and increases the performance of apps. Musictray technology makes it easy for artists to find people to listen and find out if their music is good or not. For fans, it makes it possible to truly support the people who make the music you love. The Musictray API gives developers a source for music content for their apps without exorbitant licensing fees.
We are not a better iTunes, Pandora, SoundCloud or anything like that. Musictray is new and different from the ground up. Our model doesn't compete with the existing model for music on the internet.
We make that model obsolete.


2014 March
01 March 2015

Coming Out Of Stealth Mode

We are coming out of stealth-mode now. They are not even going to know what hit them. The epidemic has already begun. We have been developing this technology for the past 5 years and it is new all the way from the filesytem on up. MusicTray is going to change everything.

2012 August
12 May 2014

Silicon Valley Trip

It's that time again, opportunity is knocking. We are forming our next core development team now. We have openings for web tech (node, javascript, css, angular), designer,engineer and ios rockstar. Internships are also available. If you have a passion for code, and you want to build something big, and I mean like google big, If you are looking for an experienced startup crew to be a part of, then this is the place. The way we work is the core team spends 3 months here in Lake Las Vegas at our co-housing facility. If you have skills, you are a fast learner and you are willing to be taught new tech, then is your moment. Time is limited. Contact hello@musictray.net

2012 December
15 Dec 2012

How big is the market

Musictray is powered by a sharing technology that lets you share music and keep control of it. It is a content management system for copyright holders. What's the market for Musictray? Most people think iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and they think the music market is over. Consider this: The total cost of a wedding around $30,000. 5% of that is entertainment with a total market size of $86 billion in 2009, that's a $4.3 billion dollar market being addressed by what ??? Recorded music revenue $34 billion but live music revenue is $23 billion, which is just as viable a market as iTunes. Total number of songs in the CDDB is 46 million, iTunes only has 26 million. Spotify et al.. has a subset of what is already in iTunes. The larger part of the business is still out there. The Music Manufacturers market is $9 billion (a year). What happens to all that music? Now add the rest of the world's minor markets like India and China. Think about local music. Think about the impact of mobile devices on these markets. Look, anyway you want to come at it, it's a really really big market that we are bringing innovation to.

2013 June
30 June 2013

Opportunety Publisher & Player Launched

Well it took almost a year but I am happy to announce we just launched our first IOS app. The Opportunety Player is now available in the App Store. The Publisher is an amazing piece of work and it is really cool. It is available here Opportuneti Publisher. Not a bad years work.
Opportunety is a new kind of record company that uses a Merit based system to promotes the artist with the most merit. The artist earns all the benefits of having a record deal without a record deal. It is a very innovative idea, based on the inisght that 30% of the cost of operating a record company is R & D. Opportunety is our enterprise client who leverage the capabilities of the MusicTray Cloud, in a unique manner.

01 March 2014

Your Opportuneti is Here

Opportuneti is now in the app store. Opportuneti is a merit-based promotion system for recording artists. Anyone with original work can get their music on Opportuneti. No record contract is required. Artists’ publish their music on the Opportuneti Network, where they earn rewards based on their merit. Support the people that make the music you love. Share the Opportuneti.

15 August 2015

Evolve or Die

In just 60 days we will introduce you to one of the most revolutionary changes in music history: A New Economy for Digital Music. Musictray is not one app. It is a cloud that powers lots of music apps. This will truly change everything. Stay tuned. The liberation of music artists everywhere is at hand.

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